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A Grand Imperial Heir
A Grand Imperial Heir

A Grand Imperial Heir

Grand Imperial Series 2
By Ray Tabler
Published by Top of the World Publishing, Novus Mundi Publishing
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In A Grand Imperial Heir, the enthralling sequel to A Grand Imperial War, the universe teeters on the edge of chaos once more. Years after her pivotal role in restoring Farsalian sovereignty, Princess Melorah finds herself thrust into an unexpected role as the Matriarch of Farsalia. Reluctant to embrace the weight of power, she stumbles through her royal duties until a fateful revelation unravels in the Human interstellar empire.

Human Emperor Stanislaus VII's empire is in turmoil after the ascension of Empress Jessica Holmstead and the birth of her son Jan. The sinister Count Holmstead, craving dominance, orchestrates a malevolent scheme with his conniving henchman Cagliostro. Baronet D'Artois, a cowardly old acquaintance, becomes entangled in the plan that aims to eliminate Stanislaus and young Jan from the equation.

As Cagliostro's sinister plot unfolds, a desperate game of wits ensues. With the aid of the steadfast Imperial Marines, led by Major Iago Suarez, Empress Jessica must outwit Cagliostro and his pirates, relying on unlikely alliances and clandestine maneuvers. Amidst the stormy skies of MacPherson's World, where diamonds fall like rain, Jessica and Suarez's forbidden love simmers, while the fate of the empire hangs in the balance.

In this heart-pounding tale of intrigue, passion, and loyalty, A Grand Imperial Heir showcases the resilience of a determined Empress, the courage of those sworn to protect her, and the enduring strength of love against the backdrop of interstellar conflict. As the pieces fall into place, the fate of worlds rests on a delicate balance, and the legacy of an imperial war echoes through the cosmos.