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Daughters of Suralia
Daughters of Suralia

Daughters of Suralia

Tales of Tolari Space 2
By Christie Meierz

Marianne Woolsey is falling apart.

The only human on Tolar, linked empathically to their ruler, her life is a bed of roses—but roses have thorns. Marianne must struggle with a bond-partner who can’t be tamed and a home world plotting to get her back by force if necessary, and she would give anything for a quiet cup of tea with a friend.

Laura Howard watched her husband die when Earth tried to control Tolar, and now her only sanctuary may be the stronghold of the Tolari ruler who killed him. The widow of an Earth Fleet admiral would die before she allowed Earth’s government to use her as bait to harm Marianne, but Central Command may not give her that choice.

Can Tolar keep either of them safe when Earth is prepared for war?

Daughters of Suralia is the enthralling second book in the Tales of Tolari Space science fiction series. If you like planetary adventure and heart-warming romance, you’ll love Christie Meierz’ tales of the reclusive Tolari.

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