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Defenders of Civilization
Defenders of Civilization

Defenders of Civilization

Central Imperium 3
By Jan Kotouc
Published by Top of the World Publishing, Novus Mundi Publishing
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Civilization must continue.

That's the motto of the ruling Hankerson family, and Daniel Hankerson adopted it, too. He and his allies ahve survived betrayal and assassination attempts. On several occasions, he has frustrated the plans of his enemies, the New Protectorate, who believe in absolute order, to which everything else is secondary.

In order to defeat the New Protectorate, they need a large fleet. But most of the Imperial Navy is on the other side of the Imperium, fighting a bloody war against another long-standing enemy, the Ralgars. Daniel's most difficult task yet lies ahead of him: he must persuade the Ralgars to conclude peace. The peacemakers are in even greater danger than the warriors, but if they are to survive and restore harmony, they have no choice.