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Farryn's War
Farryn's War

Farryn's War

Tales of Tolari Space 4
By Christie Meierz

Farryn had failed. Failed, and lost his honor.

His planet had shunned space travel for thousands of years, and he had sworn to shake his people loose from their isolation. Now in exile in the human colonies, he thirsts for revenge against his homeworld, and on the woman who had given his secrets to his enemies.

Sharana—scholar, political analyst, and empathic sensitive—dares to follow her estranged lover into human space, desperate to find out what had become of him, determined to convince him that she had never betrayed his trust. Unfortunately, Earth’s security teams are watching.

When she falls into their hands, Farryn decides to break her out of prison so he can kill her himself. But a brief encounter in her cell restores the empathic bond they had once shared, and Farryn realizes he must either rescue her for real, or lose his sanity.

With their fates joined once more, can Farryn secure Sharana’s freedom before Central Command tears her apart?


Farryn’s War is the pulse-pounding, standalone fourth book in the Tales of Tolari Space science fiction series. If you like planetary adventure and heart-warming romance, you’ll love Christie Meierz’ tales of the reclusive Tolari.

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