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Hammer of Gaul
Hammer of Gaul

Hammer of Gaul

By Jay T. Robison
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When an experiment to open a door between our world and a parallel timeline goes wrong, boundaries throughout the multiverse are shattered. Dr. David Castellanos, a brilliant scientist, and his adventurous nephew Kevin are unwittingly thrust into a world beyond imagination. They find themselves in ancient Gaul, a land of myth and legend, where Julius Caesar is on the march and the very fabric of reality is in flux.

As David and Kevin navigate this perilous new world, they must grapple with choices that could alter the course of history itself. Will they seize the opportunity to change the fate of ancient Gaul, or will they be swept away by the tides of time? "Hammer of Gaul" is a spellbinding tale of adventure, courage, and the power to reshape destinies. Don't miss this epic journey through the ages – order your copy today and prepare to be transported!

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