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Melody of Memory
Melody of Memory

Melody of Memory

By Cheryl Brin
Published by Top of the World Publishing, Novus Mundi Publishing
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In this mesmerizing science fiction novel The Melody of Memory, prepare to be transported to Tyra, a troubled world plagued by cycles of collapse and darkness that have haunted its colonists for centuries. As civilization begins to claw its way back from the brink, a haunting question emerges—will the curse repeat itself once more?


For amidst the tragic cycles, a unique technology persists—a way to tie traumatic memories to melodies and store them away in boxes. While this gift can be a blessing, it has also become a tool of repression, inhibiting humanity's growth and ability to learn from past mistakes, for no one remembers making them, and the cycle continues.


Enter Aya.


Caught on the wrong side of the border as a child, Aya Voss has always been unlucky. Separated from her homeland and family, she endures a life of isolation and torment, perpetually an outsider. Forced to abandon her education and manufacture weapons against her own people, Aya struggles to survive while yearning to reconnect with the loved ones she left behind. War, plague, and madness ravage her world, tearing away everything she holds dear.


Can Aya and her new generation break free from this destructive cycle and forge a new destiny?


The Melody of Memory weaves a compelling coming-of-age story as Aya finds herself thrust into a revolution—a revolution fueled by courage, purpose, and the determination to heal a wounded world. With each step, she discovers the strength to transcend her own pain and help shape a brighter future for Tyra.