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Old Soldiers
Old Soldiers

Old Soldiers

By Neil F. Litherland
Published by Top of the World Publishing, Novus Mundi Publishing

For the soldiers left behind, the war never ended.


In the shattered remnants of a world still haunted by the scars of war, Pollux stands as a living relic. Born from the fiery crucible of conflict, he was designed to be a weapon, an ultimate defender against the alien menace known as the Hyperion. But against all odds, he survived.


Now, years after the dust settled and the echoes of battle faded, Pollux finds himself adrift in a world that no longer has a place for him. With darkened skies casting a perpetual shadow and toxic air choking the streets, the remnants of the war persist as a constant reminder of past horrors. Yet, in the depths of this broken existence, Pollux clings to the hope of forging a life of his own.


But when a sinister conspiracy threatens to unravel the fragile peace he has managed to build, Pollux's battle-hardened instincts surge to life once more. The same survival instincts that carried him through the invasion of an alien armada now guide him as he seeks the truth. And those who underestimated this old soldier, those who thought they could erase him from the page of history, will soon discover the depths of their mistake.


In this gripping science fiction noir, Pollux becomes a reluctant hero, navigating the treacherous labyrinth of secrets and lies that entangle his world. As he unearths the dark underbelly of a society desperately trying to heal, he finds himself at odds with powerful forces determined to keep their sins hidden.


With danger lurking around every corner, Pollux embarks on a relentless pursuit of justice, using the skills honed on the front lines of war to confront his adversaries. The fate of a fragile world rests in the hands of a soldier who refuses to be silenced, a survivor who refuses to let the shadows consume him. 


In this gripping tale of redemption, betrayal, and resilience, the boundaries between humanity and machine blur, and the price of salvation may prove higher than anyone could have imagined. For Pollux, the battle is far from over.