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Rembrandt's Station
Rembrandt's Station

Rembrandt's Station

Tales of Tolari Space 5
By Christie Meierz

For Bertie, love could be fatal.

Stationmaster and exiled aristocrat Albert St. John Rembrandt—Bertie to his friends—is in love with a provincial ruler he’s always believed he can’t have. Finding out the hard way that some Tolari are as poisonous as their planet is only the beginning of his troubles.

A ship has gone missing. His station is in crisis. Bertie must manage the disaster while still desperately ill, but the only way to recover his health and be with the man he loves is to accept the genetic modification they call the Jorann’s blessing.

And no Rembrandt can take a gen mod and remain a Rembrandt.


Rembrandt’s Station is the heartwarming fifth book in the Tale of Tolari Space science fiction series. If you like planetary adventure and heart-warming romance, you’ll love Christie Meierz’ tales of the reclusive Tolari.

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