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Demons of the Past 3
By Ryk E. Spoor
Published by Top of the World Publishing, Novus Mundi Publishing
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Imprisoned as a hostage or a bargaining chip, Sasham Varan must rely on his friends The Eonwyl, Sooovickalassa, and Guvthor Hok Guvthor to find proof of the impossible truth: that Prime Monitor Shagrath is one of the legendary Demons, manipulating the Empire and others to destroy every civilization across the Galaxy. Even if they succeed and Varan gains his freedom and the Zchorada as allies, they will still need to assemble the largest fleet the Galaxy has seen since the days of Atlantaea to face the most powerful force in the Galaxy: the Reborn Empire.

And if they do all of that, still they will have to somehow expose the truth to all the Empire, or everything will still fall. In the end, Varan knows, he, alone, will have to face Shagrath… with the fate of tens of thousands of worlds the price of victory or failure!