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Demons of the Past 1
By Ryk E. Spoor
Published by Top of the World Publishing, Novus Mundi Publishing
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One Against an Empire
Only a psionic can survive battle with another psionic. And human psionics become megalomaniacal monsters. These two truths were drilled into everyone in the Reborn Empire. But... Commander Sasham Varan had survived a Zchoradan psionic attack... and because of this, Prime Monitor Shagrath brought him into a top-secret project to create a stable human psi.

Then a chance flaw in the treatment shows Varan that Shagrath is no hero, but a malevolent, inhuman being bent on the destruction of the Empire. With the help of "Vick", the alien scientist who invented the psionic treatment, Varan manages to escape, and send a single, cryptic message to Taelin Mel'Tasne, one of the Five Families and Varan's best friend. 

Now on the run, branded a rebel and a murderous psi, Varan's hope to save the Empire –and perhaps the Galaxy –rests on his own determination and still-untested powers, two alien scientists with their own agendas, the mysterious trader named The Eonwyl... and Taelin Mel'Tasne's faith in his friend.