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Demons of the Past 2
By Ryk E. Spoor
Published by Top of the World Publishing, Novus Mundi Publishing
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Sasham Varan was a patriot, a true believer in the Reborn Empire. But after a secret project both gave him outlawed psionic powers and revealed that Prime Monitor Shagrath, head of the Monitor Corps and right hand of the Emperor, was a monster hiding behind a human face, Varan became a fugitive and the most-wanted man in the Empire. With the aid of the enigmatic trader The Eonwyl, reptilian psi-scientist Sooovickalassa, and the immense and far too dangerously cheerful astrophysicist Guvthor, Varan must discover the true nature of Shagrath and his invisible allies – and a way to fight them.

And back home, in the center of the Empire, Taelin Mel'Tasne – Varan's closest friend – begins his own perilous quest to work his way to the center of Shagrath's plans… without even understanding what he faces!

Varan will meet new allies, old enemies – and eventually must seek out a world that became nothing but legend and myth eighteen thousand years before, to find the answers he must have… before returning to face an even more terrifying danger!