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Subway to the Universe
Subway to the Universe

Subway to the Universe

The Subway Series 3
By Nathan Dodge
Published by Top of the World Publishing, Novus Mundi Publishing
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Solar Subway Systems invented a way to stretch a wormhole between two points, allowing near-instantaneous travel not only between any two locations on Earth, but also between the planets and satellites of the solar system. SSS VP of engineering Charles (Scotty) Hays and Chief Scientist Robert (Bobby) Taylor, along with field service genius Carol (Kaley) Sellers, have built SSS into a major, multi-billion-dollar corporation, accidentally triggering an invasion by aliens they call the Bugs. The Bugs start a war of aggression which doesn’t go well for them, and the Earth humans seem to win. 

With the Bug threat lessened, the inventors of the portal technology are starting to look at colonizable planets in other solar systems, with an eye to getting in first on second homes on what they were calling Earth Two. Scotty Hays and his new and quite pregnant wife Kaley have just settled down for an after-dinner drink when the doorbell rings, revealing a woman who looks just like Scotty’s dead wife, Glennis. 

While Scotty’s attorney investigates Glenna and her claim to Glennis’ estate, the colonization of Earth Two moves on swiftly. 

Glenna turns out to be as nutty as Glennis, and Scotty and Kaley are dealing with that. And then the Bugs come back.