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The Fall
The Fall

The Fall

Tales of Tolari Space 3
By Christie Meierz

She can’t remember her kidnapping.

After watching her husband die on the bridge of the CCS Alexander and being used as bait by Earth’s government,Laura Howard has found a second chance at love on a planet light-years from Earth—until she falls, and a head injury erases her time on Tolar. Angry, frightened, and impulsive, she rejects the Tolari ruler who loves the woman she was before the fall, vowing to live free on Tolar and master the empathic gifts that came with the Jorann's blessing.

The Paran gained Laura’s love once. But the woman before him now is vastly different and determined to have nothing to do with him, even though they are both in grave danger. To save their lives, he may have to choose the one path he never wanted: to fight for the leadership of Tolar’s ruling caste.

Are they fated to live apart, or die together?


The Fall is the engrossing standalone third book in the Tales of Tolari Space science fiction series. If you like planetary adventure and heart-warming romance, you’ll love Christie Meierz’ tales of the reclusive Tolari.

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