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The Protectors' Legacy
The Protector's Legacy

The Protectors' Legacy

Central Imperium 4
By Jan Kotouc
Published by Top of the World Publishing, Novus Mundi Publishing
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Emperor Daniel Hankerson and his allies, including his new wife-and-super-commando Hila Eban, have successfully ended the war on the other side of the Central Imperium. A huge fleet is now assembling at planet Davenport for the final confrontation with the New Protectorate.

But before the battle can start, Daniel needs to open the FTL gate leading to the heart of the Imperium. the gates are a legacy of an old civilization, the Protectors. However, there is an enemy in Daniel's own family, much closer and more personal. To deal with these things, the Emperor's Own Task Force must go to Earth.

Earth is the cradle of civilization. And the motto of House Hankerson is clear: civilization must continue.