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The Sword and the Serpent
The Sword and the Serpent

The Sword and the Serpent

By J. Dharma Windham
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In the shadows of a history that never was, unveil a world where the ancient sands whisper secrets of a different Earth.

J. Dharma Windham weaves a rich tapestry of power, betrayal, and divine destiny, centered on a name that once commanded the Mediterranean world: Kleopatra.

Victory was hers, the southern lands bowed to her might, but the Roman eagle's shadow looms large. As her father, aided by Roman steel, fights to reclaim his crown from Queen Berenike, Kleopatra disbands her armies with a heavy heart. Yet the threads of her story are far from culminating.

When a terror born of the darkest nether rises, threatening to devour not just The Two Egypts but the very fabric of existence, the ousted princess must embrace her fate. Kleopatra, now an avatar of the Goddess of Ten Thousand Names, stands as the solitary beacon capable of quelling the chaos.

Dive into a realm of alternate history where myth and reality converge, and where a young queen must wield the dual forces of a sacred blade and arcane might. With each page turn, witness a world where the Nile's eternal flow bears witness to a battle that will define the fate of gods and men.

Will Kleopatra's newfound divine strength be enough to confront the malevolent force that stirs beneath? Or will the serpent's shadow engulf all that the sun's eye surveys?

Unlock The Sword and the Serpent to journey alongside the most enigmatic leader of the ancient world reimagined, where her most formidable enemy comes from beyond the grave.

Claim your passage to this grand adventure where the pulse of ancient magic beats strong and the fate of the world rests in the hands of a queen-turned-goddess.

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