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Quality is the name of the game. Fascinating stories, compelling characters, surprising twists: these are all components of a truly great book. Below are a few guidelines to help you get your submission accepted.

1. Genres and Themes:

   Novus Mundi Publishing focuses on both fantasy and science fiction genres. We embrace a wide range of subgenres, including epic fantasy, urban fantasy, steampunk, space opera, time travel, cyberpunk, and more. We are particularly interested in stories that feature intricate world-building, compelling characters, and thought-provoking themes.


2. Originality:

   We seek original and inventive storytelling that sets your work apart from the rest. While we appreciate homages to established tropes and traditions, we encourage authors to bring fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to the genre. Surprise us with unique twists, captivating magic systems, or cutting-edge scientific concepts that challenge expectations and engage readers in new and exciting ways.


3. Writing Quality:

   Novus Mundi Publishing places great importance on writing that captivates and resonates with readers. Your submission should showcase a strong command of language, with clear and concise prose, vivid descriptions, and engaging dialogue. We value authors who can transport readers into the heart of their worlds and create an emotional connection through their words. Show us your ability to create richly layered narratives and well-developed characters. Ensure that your manuscript and/or proposal is free of typos and edited to a professional level. 


4. World-building:

   Whether your story is set in a mythical realm, an alien planet, or a futuristic society, we value thorough and immersive world-building. Your submission should demonstrate a deep understanding of the setting, its history, culture, and unique rules. Engage our senses and ignite our imagination by painting vivid pictures of your world and its inhabitants.


5. Length:

   Currently, we accept full-length novels only. The ideal word count ranges from 70,000 to 120,000 words. If your work exceeds these limits but you believe it is a perfect fit for New Worlds Publishing, please provide a brief explanation in your submission.


6. Submission Format:

   Submissions must be in standard manuscript format, using a legible font (e.g., Times New Roman or Arial), double spacing, and one-inch margins. Please ensure that your document is saved as a .doc, .docx, or .pdf file. Include your contact information and a brief author bio on the first page.


7. Simultaneous Submissions:

   We accept simultaneous submissions, but we kindly request that you notify us promptly if your work is accepted elsewhere. We understand the publishing process can be lengthy, and we appreciate your transparency in such circumstances.


8. Multiple Submissions:

   You may submit multiple works for consideration, but please submit them separately and adhere to the guidelines for each submission.


9. Submission Process:

    To submit your work, please use the online submission form available on the Novus Mundi Publishing website. Include a cover letter briefly describing your story, its genre, marketing plan and any relevant writing credentials or previous publications. Attach your manuscript as instructed, ensuring it is free from typographical errors or formatting inconsistencies. Too many typos will constitute grounds for summary rejection.


10. Response Time:

    Novus Mundi Publishing receives a substantial number of submissions, and our review process takes time to ensure careful consideration of each work. We do, however, aim to respond to all submissions far more swiftly than our competitors, to ensure that our readers get the best books as quickly as possible.

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